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Monitor the election Campaign of June 23rd

The election campaign has been monitored from the start. It has been focused on two main fields: the local media broadcasting political gatherings and the political gatherings themselves. The monitoring has consisted on participation of youth, speeches, panelist and youth based issues addressed.
The information gathered has been used during the debates and the awareness campaign in order to push the parties and groups involved to address youth based issues and include these issues in their agenda. The monitoring has involved 20 youth including some of the facilitators. They have an active part of the project contributing in the other activities as well. 
The main findings have consisted on:
- More youth based planning is needed;
- More youth should run as candidates;
- More youth should participate in the gatherings;
- Debates are positive when there is a clear programme to be discussed;
- Youth in the rural areas should be supported to express their views and receive more information;
-  The local media is a positive asset to reach more people in the area targeted;

Posted on 2014 Mar 16 by ladi
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Supporting Tourism in Kukes Region

YFI has coordinated between Kukes Municipality and the Czech Embassy to set up the Tourist Info Kiosk, produce and disseminate Tourist Guide. As a result, we have managed to build and equip the Tourist Info Kiosk, and set up info maps in town.
The Info Kiosk was inaugurated by the Czech Ambassador and Kukes Municipality Vice-Mayor. The Kiosk with all the assets has been handed over to the Municipality. 

Posted on 2014 Mar 16 by ladi

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