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Workshop on Campaign and Election Day findings

The workshop gathering all findings from the campaign monitoring actions was organized on 16th of July. A group of 30 participants including the two main political parties represented by women part of their political forums participated.
The workshop shared as well the experiences of the women involved in the campaign and the participants’ views on gender based issues addressed during this period. The workshop was organized in Kukes and was media transmitted (local media).
Some of the key findings mentioned and discussed:
The local political climate is not supportive to women as candidates and as campaigners;
The language, actions and confrontation need to change;
The main political parties should lead by example and the opposite;
4 mandates in Kukes region, no women elected;
Nor SP, DP or SMI had any women candidates listed within the three first names;
The electoral code Gender Equality law need be fully implemented;
Lack of will to promote women is clearly visible by all main political parties.
The findings from the Scorecard are realistic and need to used as pressure tools;
Gender based services need restricted and offered to women in urban and rural areas;

Posted on 2014 Mar 16 by ladi
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Summer camp/youth exchange

During July we have prepared the summer camp involving some 32 youth from the region. The activity has taken place from Monday 29th of July to August 2nd. Some of the youth participating are part of the internship programme. We believe that these activities are very practical and productive. They combine fun and adventure with experience sharing and joint possible actions in the future. Being placed into a camp, it increases time spent together and creates friendship and trust.

Posted on 2014 Mar 16 by ladi

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