Our programs foster young people on active citizenship. Through different project activities we work closely with young people to motivate them to become active citizens. These activities are designed to involve young people between the ages 16-25. We cultivate a culture of youth activism, human rights and youth participation respecting each others diversity.    
We bring young people together. Our activities provide youth volunteer opportunities that inspire and support leadership in young people ages 16 to 30 by giving them the chance to learn, grow and serve by participating in project activities. Young people might be involved during our programs in youth activism, outdoor education, youth rights, youth empowerment and sports. Each year we partner with different international organization to exchange visits of young people
We enhance their capacities. Every year, hundreds of young people attend capacity building workshops, public debates, youth exchanges, internships, seminars and training courses. Young people from University background benefit from career workshops on employment and the information about different opportunities. YFI partners with Local Governance Units and other government institutions to offer students an inside look at their professional background institutions.  


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