Current projects 2012 - 2013

Project title: Strengthening democracy through participation
Supported by Olof Palme International Center - SIDA

To empower and engage local actors on monitoring performance of local authority, through direct engagement of youth and young women groups, using different tools, such as scorecards but not only, To foster and empower local youth and women in order to be able to act under a represented voice; holding local official accountable; influencing local policies changes and protecting their interest by the civil society.

To keep active and enlarge the local youth network, through offering educational programmes and activities that focus on networking,  promoting equality on human dignity in conjunction with participation and youth exchanges - To provide social inclusion through non-formal education of youth groups and women as an easy and valuable democratic tool of grassroots and local community unrepresented groups. 

Actions and Results
Youth and women groups empowered to address their rights, concerns and issues; Local government policies and actions monitored; Target groups formally organized on local networks and represented by local civil society; Civil society organizations with legitimacy to represent citizens’ concern in relation with their interests; Target groups and local government unit use the bridges set up to continue further communication; Local community groups actively acting and contributing in democratic processes; Local youth policies influenced and recommended by young people themselves

Access of all young people to information and counseling services on local governance units improved; Local governance units opened towards public information and policies adaptation; Citizens informed regularly on local governance performance and educated on to act locally for the inclusion of unrepresented groups; Effective local and national networks acting under an organized one voice

Project title: Strengthening youth activism in North Albania
Supported by: National endowment for Democracy

To increase knowledge and strengthen capacities of youth local civic groups towards democracy, HR education, and decision taking; to enhance democratic and HR culture of debates, initiate and support criticism mass debates of young people through informative meetings, classroom and public debates and provide recommendations for local youth policy changes; to consolidate results of the program supports by NED in relation to participation on local decision making, human rights, public debates and monitoring local governance.

Actions and results
Youth and groups targeted equipped with the necessary information, knowledge and skills to address Human and Social rights practices; Knowledge and new practices shared and transferred to youth groups and communities by causing a multiplier effect; Youth targeted gain skills of critical thinking, debating and importance of direct involvement in important processes; Set up new communication practices between elected and electors

Project title: Adopting gender based approaches to instigate change
Supported by: UNDP - Albania

To establish mechanisms of dialogue between women  groups on the one hand and local authorities and political parties on the other; To prepare, adopt and use the CBS as a lobbing tool to gender based actions; To mobilize women as a political constituency; To advocate for equal participation and access of women in decision making processes; To use the election process as an important time to lobby, adopt gender based planning and gender based commitments

Actions and results
Gender based understanding, planning, monitoring and analyzes of actions, project and programmes LG Units undertake increased using CBS as the tool; Communication established between women groups and Gender Focal Points in the three main LG Units of the Region;
Partnership built with active women groups/individuals in Kukes, Kruma and B Curri to serve as focal points during the implementation of the project and beyond; Women mobilized as a constituency for now and the future; Pressure applied to political parties to implement of the 30% quota as stated by the law for the candidates for the Parliament and; Pressure applied to political parties and Election Administration to increase number of women as commissioners and Election Administrators; Raised awareness among community on women’s right to equal vote and gender based services.

Posted on 2013 Jan 14 by ladi
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